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4 Costless Inbound Marketing Ideas You Should Try in 2018

Are you just getting started with inbound marketing? Have you been doing inbound marketing for sometimes now? How long do you think it should take one before they start seeing results? If you are getting started with inbound marketing, you will definitely find it very challenging. Many marketers wonder how much it could cost to regularly generate content, improve social media outreach and all aspects of inbound marketing. The good […]

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2017 Marketing Buzzwords You Should Know

Many marketers think of marketing buzzwords as some over-used, obnoxious industry jargon that means absolutely nothing. But maybe it is time we go back to the basics. May be it is time we re-educate ourselves on the true meaning of newest marketing terms. So what are the marketing buzzwords we should be focusing on this year? • Pragmatic TV marketing It is a fact that most customers don’t wait to […]

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Strategic Marketing Tips for 2018

2018 is the year to become more strategic in your marketing efforts. You are going to encounter stiffer competition than before because the population of both online and offline businesses is growing dramatically. As a result, only the most creative, innovative and resilient business will make it. Although you are not going to reinvent the wheel in terms of marketing, it is important to remember these 8 critical marketing tips […]

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Why Online Marketing is Essential for Your Business

Online Marketing is Essential for Your Business Are you thinking that the business world has become so competitive that it has almost reached the limit of competition? The bad news is that it is not about to. You are still going to witness more rival business set-ups opening operations and more websites designed to sell the product you are selling being created. Just imagine that whatever line of business you […]

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Emotional Branding and How to Build a Lasting Memory in Your Customer’s Mind

Emotional branding is defined as the successful attachment of a specific emotion to a brand. At one of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) conferences in Chicago, Jay Baer asked a room full of roughly 1,000 B2B marketers, “Are you more interesting than my wife?” Can you think of the people you have had an emotional connection with in your life? How did they impact on your life? Now think about the brands […]

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Quick Website, social media and Blog Marketing Tips

One of the easiest ways to grow your social media community the whole day is to post consistently. Studies show that different audiences react to different posting frequencies, so you need to make sure that you have tested the optimal frequency with your own audience and look at the engagement levels in comparison with your other audience. The minimum post frequency on Facebook should be once a day and 4-6 […]

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