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More Difficulties for Businesses to Reach Followers on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is about to change in a massive way? Instagram has announced that they will be ditching the traditional reverse chronological feed for new algorithm-based personalized feeds. Posts will no longer appear in a chronological order and instead, followers will see posts based on what they are interested in and their relationship with the person posting, similar to what Facebook does. This means that Instagram is […]

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Why You Need a Quality Business Website

It is no longer debatable whether you need a website for your business or not. In order to remain competitive and relevant to the modern way of doing business, you need to have a business website to promote your goods and services. It is, therefore, not a question of whether you need a website or not, but the quality of website you need. This is an age where everything is […]

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Design tips to attract visitors to a website

Website design should always keep millennials engaged on your  web page. How to get people to stay longer and keep coming to your website should always be the ultimate aim of any webmaster.  The first step is to ensure that the client is happy with the way your website looks, but attracting visitors to your website is only one of the few things you must do. It is important to […]

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Effectively build a successful online business

Search Engine Optimization is evolving very fast from a traditional SEO that overly focuses on keywords and links into one that is more holistic and integrated. In other words, SEO is not just optimizing your page for search engine ranking, but also optimizing everything from the user experience, keyword research, link building, and content marketing to social media. I like to compare SEO to building a house that will last […]

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Importance of Website Mobile Responsiveness to Search Engine Ranking

According to Pew internet report, more than 31% of Americans own a tablet computer. Further, the USA phone market represents about 58% of smartphones owned. Mobile search will surpass desktop search by 2020 It has also been established that users are surfing the internet several times a day using their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Here is the big one! If the current trends are anything to go by, […]

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How to increase YouTube traffic

YouTube is an incredible social media platform that marketers can use to advertise their companies. Now, there are almost 100 hours of videos that are uploaded every minute to the site, meaning that video marketing has become popular. However, the only problem is that the competition is stiff.  That being said, it is simple for your animated video to get lost in the gigantic video galaxy in YouTube. But I […]

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