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Video Production of a Ballet and Dance

I always talk about videography is about creativity. It’s funny as when you film certain things the videographer is not the creative one but the people whom you are filming. This is the case with West End Dance Company. They are a group of ladies that I had the pleasure of working with for the first time about 2 years ago. We filmed there first commercial “Matters of the Heart”. […]

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Telling stories with video on social media; Snapchat

Another social media platform is making way for businesses – Snapchat. If you’re marketing to millennials or younger, it’s time to get on Snapchat before your competition does! Snapchat just introduced a new feature, Discover, which lets Snapchat users connect to an exclusive group of world-class leaders in media, including CNN, Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan, Food Network and several more, in a new storytelling format, which puts creativity first. It is […]

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Thoughts of A Cinematographer and DC Videographer

People say that you have that “a ha” moment where everything makes since.   Your write a manifesto or you scribble it down on a piece a paper but the end result is you have an awakening of sorts.  I had this moment and instead of writing it down I decided to record it.   I think I did this while videography and photography was still a hobby and I […]

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A fun short film “The Maternal Triangle”

We really enjoy filming, we had a down Sunday from filming and editing.  What did we decide to do?  We made a few phone calls to friends and asked if they wanted to do a short film.  The friends were Playboy model Tilly Mcreese, Penthouse Model Zoe West and Detalus/house of card actor Elliott Lyles.   It’s cool when people just want to do stuff for fun.  We shot this […]

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ENG or Electronic News Gathering.

ENG or Electronic News Gathering.  We recently won a contract to provide weekly ENG service for a international news channel.  I always talk about our “workhorses”; the c100s show how truly versatile they are.  We have filmed short films, features, commercials and now broadcast material.  Amazing! The first week it was stressful, as we shoot either breaking news or scheduled interviews.  Just learning the flow of the production was interesting.  […]

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Video Production Instagram

The key to marketing on social media platforms is knowing your audience and where they spend their time. For example, Pinterest has a mostly female demographic, and Twitter leans more toward men. For today, were going to talk all about Instagram. Instagram launched in October of 2010 and was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was quickly acquired by Facebook in April of 2012 for 1 billion dollars, […]

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