Rates for Service

Listed below are the rates for our production, editing, animation and graphic design services.  


Filming means having the necessary equipment to complete the task in regards to video / film production with the goal of delivering a product for viewing in a media format. 

Quarter Day of Filming

Quarter day consists of being on location 2 hours or less.  $695.00

Half Day of Filming

Half day is on location from 2.1 hours – 4 hours.  $995.00

Three-quarter Day of Filming

Three-quarter day consists of being on location 4.1 hours – 6.0 hours.  $1995.00

Full Day of Filming

Full day consists of being on location 6.1 hours – 8.0 hours.  $2495.00

Aerial Filming

All drone work is a Flat rate and is in addition to filming:  $850.00 a day


Editing is the color grading and adjustments made to the video prior to final review / post production.  


 $75.00 hr

*2 hr minimum charge for editing services


Animation is the creation of Motion Graphics and 3D modeling to include concept, “animation”, and modeling using a computer based program i.e.: After Effects, Maya Autodesk.

Motion Graphics and Animation

$115.00 hr

Administrative Fee

The usage cost of programs to complete the project in it’s entirety.




The basic travel costs including Hotel, Food, etc. 


We price travel at the Government Per Diem and/or the rate in your area with no increase in price.  This includes, food, hotel, gas (all things need for our team to travel to your location).

Audio / Video Services

The breakdown of costs for A/V support for a conference and/or speaking engagement.