Weddings by MJRvisuals

            Capturing the emotion in a moment 

Share Your Memories

We understand that you like to share your memories with family and friends.  We provide a downloadable format of your wedding day and highlight of your wedding.  We also can provide social media clips so you can post and tell your story within the constraints of social media; in both video and images!

Let Us Capture the Moment

MJRvisuals has the ability to provide full A/V for your wedding, Photography and Videogarphy.  See our Packages below!

We use two photographers with three (3) videographers, two who use three cameras and a tripod and a third who uses a Ronin gimbal, and we capture the entire event.  We have a standard way of filming, which has proven to capture the special moments in the right way – as they are happening and not forced.  From the start we capture b-roll meaning the location, the dress, the rings, the venue  the groom getting dress, the bride putting on make up, etc. Once that is completed a videographer accompanies the groom and one accompanies the bride.  For the duration of the wedding have multiple cameras placed in areas that ensure complete coverage of the event without being intrusive.  


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Wedding Packages