Our Agreement and Commitment

Our terms and conditions here for your review.

The terms and conditions listed on this page reflect MJRvisuals’ policies and procedures for all services performed.  

The initial deposit received for MJRvisuals’ services acknowledges that you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. MJRvisuals will respond to email questions within 24 hours of posting. *Please note most emails are responded to within the hour.


  1.  All payments and deposits are completed online. An invoice will be forwarded to your email of record for processing. *Click “Pay Now” in the top right corner of the email to process the amount. The system accepts all forms of payment, to include credit cards and checks. The system will forward you an updated invoice, showing the new outstanding balance less the deposit.
  2. We require a 70% deposit upon acceptance of the contract and prior to filming.  The  balance is set on NET 30 days terms.   Any balance not paid past 5  days past the NET 30 DUE DATE will be assessed a 15% late fee. The late fee penalty will be accessed again at 30 days past due.
  3. No Videos will be delivered without the Watermark until the outstanding balance is paid in full.  


  1.  Cancellations made up to 60 days or more from the scheduled shoot will not incur cancellation fees. Cancellations less then 20 days of the scheduled shoot will incur a 15% cancellation fee, which will be subtracted from the refund of the deposit amount. There are no refunds for cancellations made 72 hours prior to the event.


  1.  The first completed video file forwarded to the client will be considered the “draft.” The client has the right to review and require any changes to the draft which will be adjusted according to the clients specific instructions. *Please note: Unless otherwise asked by the client, changes performed on the draft will be processed without interpretation by the editor.
  2. The client has 4 days to review and submit any changes and/or edits to the first draft. All changes must be sent in written form via email to MJRvisuals (info@mjrvisuals.com). Please reference in the subject line “Edits and Client Name.” After the first review MJRvisuals will provide a second draft to the client within 5 days of receiving any edits and/or change requests from the client. The client has the option to make changes to the second draft. There is no third (3rd) revision or draft. The video forwarded after the second edit/ revision is considered the final and will NOT be forwarded until any other standing balance is satisfied.
  3. All video drafts will be processed and forwarded to the client via Vimeo and password protected. The password will be forwarded to the email on record. The link will be sent via email to the client.
  4. All video will be provided in H264 form for processing on (1) DVD unless otherwise requested by the client or will be sent to a specific email via DROPBOX. *Additional DVDs are available for a charge of $5.00 per extra DVD **Menu enabled DVDs are available for an additional charge.
  5. ALL RAW Video and RAW Photographs are property of MJRvisuals BUT will be released upon completion of video project to the individual client if requested.  Files are not archived unless requested by client.